Thanksgiving in the US is just around the corner and we have handpicked some of the best events across the nation to kick off the holiday season.

This much-loved holiday is traditionally a time for families and friends to gather with their loved ones, eat delicious food and give thanks for what they have. It is arguably the biggest holiday in the US and is one of the few days everyone gets to kick back, relax and fall asleep on the sofa watching football. 

But if you are looking for some fun and adventure, we have got you covered. Why not go big and watch the magic of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City in person or perhaps you want to start the day with an energetic fun run dressed as a turkey! 

Whatever you have in mind, we have lots of ideas to inspire you to make the most of this cherished holiday and experience all the amazing Thanksgiving events have to offer.

Whether you live in the US or are planning a trip there, head to one of these events and you are guaranteed to leave with memories to last a lifetime. Click here for more.

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Happy Thanksgiving!