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World Black Pudding Throwing Championship

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What is the World Black Pudding Throwing Championship?

This quirky competition between Lancashire and Yorkshire sees participants hurl black puddings at a pile of Yorkshire puddings on a 20 foot high plinth! 

Anyone can have a go at this unique and highly entertaining competition which involves plenty of eating too!

Visitors can relax and enjoy the spectacle of black pudding throwing or take part and compete against each other. Expect a lively atmosphere and lots of fun. 

Need to know

Competitors have three turns in an attempt to knock down as many Yorkshire puddings as possible (which are arranged in a pile of a dozen) and must throw underarm from a purpose built stand called the 'oche' .

Did you know?

This competition dates back to the 1980s but the ancient Yorkshire-Lancashire rivalry is lost in the mists of time.

For more information on this eccentric event, click on the link listed on this page and plan your next unforgettable experience.

11 September 2024


Start Date:
11 September,2024
End Date:
11 September,2024
Event Website:
United Kingdom

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