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Vallenato Festival

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What is the Vallenato Festival?

The Vallenato Legend Festival, or Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata, is a an annual musical event held in Valledupar, a regional capital in the north east of Colombia. It's a festival with a competitive edge, with many musicians of all ages come to play in a bid to win a range of prizes.

The event kicks off with a fun parade with bands playing Vallenato from open vehicles. There are musical competitions for all ages, including amateurs and professionals as well as for composers and traditional dance. 

This is a fantastic, cultural event that's not to be missed.

Need to know

The festival takes place in the city of Valledupar. Events are held at official venues, including the Leyenda Vallenata Park, along with restaurants, bars and clubs who also host their own shows that are linked thematically to the wider festival.

Did you know?

Vallenato is a type of country music from the Caribbean area of Colombia. Vallenato's key instruments are the accordion for the melody and the snare drum and the guacharaca for the percussion. This music has both indigenous and African antecedents. It is well-known throughout South and Central America and has been recognized by UNESCO as a component of Colombia's cultural heritage. 

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30 April 2024


Start Date:
30 April,2024
End Date:
04 May,2024
Event Website:
South America

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