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Snowking Winter Festival

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The Snowcastle becomes a month-long celebration of community spirit, collaboration, innovation in the arts, entertainment for young and old and where the spirit of winter wonderment from all the collective childhood reigns supreme.

A winter wonderland is created on Yellowknife Bay where the Snowking and his talented, hardy northern helpers brave -30 over the course of 2 months to build a huge castle made entirely of snow and ice. 

On any given day, the Snowcastle might host a children's play, followed by an art exhibit or a rock band, a film festival and finish the night off by transforming into a dance club.

Click on the event website link provided and learn more about the schedule of events.  

Thanks to community member Mimi for her amazing photograph of the Snowking Festival - you can see more of her fantastic work here

02 March 2024


Start Date:
02 March,2024
End Date:
29 March,2024
Event Website:
North America

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