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Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria

Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria

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What is the International Carnival of Victoria?

Held in the capital city of Victoria, the Carnival is one of the world's most inspirational events and draws over 30,000 visitors from around the world to the paradise island of Seychelles.

Within this 3 day extravaganza, Seychelles Carnival welcomes more than 1,500 participants from 30 countries. The nation's capital is elegantly decorated and serves as an occasion for embassies from around the world to demonstrate their cultural traditions. 

Need to know

The Seychelles Islands continue to be a top vacation destination for many tourists and fun lovers because experiencing the color, ambiance, and thrill of this unparalleled event is unlike anything else.

Did you know?

The carnival is a great opportunity to spot the Brazilian dancers, Zydeco band, Sami tribe singers, Chinese acrobats, Cowgirl, Masai warriors, Himalayan musicians and Indonesian dancers. 

You can undoubtedly fulfill your desire to learn about different cultures during the Carnival! This event gives visitors an experience that is unique and very much worth a visit.

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