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San Francisco Pride Parade

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What is the San Francisco Pride Parade

San Francisco's Pride Parade is an event unlike any other, with participants representing every color of the rainbow flag. Tens of thousands of supporters line the route for what is one of the world's biggest Pride events.

The parade leaves downtown and travels west on Market Street to City Hall, where a large crowd of vendors and performers will encircle the plaza and welcome parade-goers to the festivities.

It is a loud, raucous, irreverent, and true celebration of love, equality, and expression and one not to be missed!

Need to know

This is an outdoor event  in the Californian summer so remember to stay hydrated and wear comfy shoes as there will be a lot of walking, standing and of course dancing!

Did you know?

The first events resembling the modern San Francisco Pride parade and celebration you see today were held back in June 1970.

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29 June 2024


Start Date:
29 June,2024
End Date:
30 June,2024
Event Website:
North America
United States

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