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Leadville Ski Joring & Crystal Carnival

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What is Leadville Ski Joring?

Known as 'the wild west on skis' ski joring is an action-packed sport where a horse and rider race across the snow, pulling a skier who's holding onto a rope. The skier is pulled along by a galloping horse through a course of gates, jumps and rings creating an amazing spectacle for the thousands of visitors who come to this pretty mountain town every year for this quirky event. 

Need to know

This event is free to watch, no tickets are required.

Did you know?

The sport itself dates back almost 100 years and Leadville has been holding its unique own Joring for over 70 years now. 

This is an experience your friends are unlikely to have had on their winter vacation. 

Click on the event website link provided and learn more about the schedule of events.  

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