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Jewish Cultural Festival

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Formerly known as the Jewish Summer Festival, the Jewish Cultural Festival explores the Jewish quarter in Budapest.

This event started 17 years ago with the purpose of introducing Jewish culture and heritage. 

Over the years it grew bigger and bigger, now people come here from all over the world to experience the traditions, but mostly the whole vibe of the Jewish quarter. 

There are three main event sites. One of them is the Dohány Street Synagogue, the biggest concerts held there. 

The second one is the Rumbach Street Synagogue, it will be the host for modern jazz, blues-rock jazz concerts, and the Independent Theatre, performing Caligula’s Eparch.

The third venue is the Goldmark Hall, where the Independent Theatre will also perform such productions as the Fourth Gate or the Dohány Street Sheriff. These plays are strongly connected to the jewish traditions and destiny. 

They will also show two quite rare movies, one of them is Miklós Jancsó’s Jews of Budapest twenty years ago, and the other one is Béla Fáy’s documentary about the modern era of the Jewish quarter.

This festival offers a great insight to this vast culture and community, it introduces wonderful artists, and actors with almost thirty different programmes and performances, in the beautiful center of Budapest.

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23 June 2024


Start Date:
23 June,2024
End Date:
30 June,2024
Event Website:

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