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Jack in the Green Festival

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What is the Jack in the Green Festival?

The Jack in the Green Festival is an annual folk event that takes place in the stunning Sussex coastal town of Hastings. 

It is traditionally held over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend and is steeped in English folklore.

Thousands of visitors flock to Hastings each year to witness this quirky spectacle and it is deemed the largest festival of its kind in the world. Expect to find lots of traditional dancing from performers from all over the UK, captivating concerts from some of the best folk acts, and everyone is welcome to join in with fantastic ceilidhs and music sessions. 

Need to know

The main event is ‘Jack’ - a man completely covered in foliage, wearing a floral crown who marches onto the streets of Hastings and leads the procession through the town. After a day of fun and merry-making he is stripped of his leaves to release the spirit of summer. Legend has it, if you catch a leaf you will have a year of good luck!

Did you know?

It is thought that the Jack-in-the-Green custom started around the 17th century from the milkmaids and chimney sweeps of London.

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