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Ivrea Carnevale (Battle Of Oranges)

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What is the Battle of Oranges?

Welcome to Italy’s largest food fight! This annual festival takes place over three days in the Northern Italian city of Ivrea. After the fighting finishes on the third day, the streets are cleaned up and there is a Mardi Gras carnival and parade. The core celebration is based on a locally famous citrus civil war that involves several thousand people, divided into nine combat teams, who in the spirit of the tradition, take aim and throw oranges at each other!

Need to know

Anyone can join in the Battle of the Oranges, but if you would rather not participate there is always the option to watch it from afar. But keep in mind that due to the nature of this food fight extravaganza, even spectators can expect to get hit by a few oranges. 

Did you know?

The picturesque town of Ivrea dates back to 100 BC and has lots to offer besides throwing oranges. While you are here make some time to visit the iconic Ivrea castle, Piazza Castello, Ivrea Cathedral and Crypt, and also the ancient Roman Amphitheatre. Viva l’Italia!

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