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Honolulu Festival

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What is the Honolulu Festival?

The Honolulu Festival is Hawaii's premier cultural event, promoting understanding, economic cooperation and ethnic harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region. 

Each year, the festival attracts thousands of new and returning spectators who are looking for a memorable experience in Hawaii. 

The festival is held over three days and celebrates the history and culture of the Hawaiian people through educational tours, Honolulu Hula performances, a Friendship Gala, a Kabuki Night, a special craft fair and more.

Through educational programs and activities sponsored by the Honolulu Festival Foundation, the festival has been successful in showcasing the rich and vibrant blend of Asia, Pacific and Hawaiian cultures to the rest of the world. 

Need to know

The events during the festival are held throughout Honolulu and most are free and open to the public.

Did you know?

The festival culminates in a parade followed by a 15-minute fireworks show at Waikīkī Beach.

So if you happen to be there in March, make sure you drop in to witness this incredible festival. Read more about this event by clicking on the link in the left hand sidebar.

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