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Heartland Pagan Festival

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What is the Heartland Pagan Festival?

This five-day, family-friendly spiritual festival is held every Memorial Day Weekend in McLouth, Kansas. The enlightening festival connects revelers with nature and is a celebration of a diverse community seeking spiritual advancement.

Across the jam-packed festival program, you can expect to find plenty of arts and crafts, various workshops, live music, dance performances, drum circles, costumes, ritual fires, on-site camping and theatrical showcases.

Need to know

All Adult attendees are requested to contribute four hours of Community Service but the festival does offer a buyout option if required.

Did you know?

The Heartland Pagan Festival has been bringing people together since 1986.

If you are looking for a unique way to spend Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends, this event ticks all the boxes and gives visitors a memorable experience.

Find more information on this event when you check out the festival website in the left hand sidebar. 

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