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Fiesta De Santa Cecilia

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What is the Fiesta De Santa Cecilia?

In November, a very special gathering takes place in Mexico City to pay homage to St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians.

Mariachis, along with regional musicians from northern Mexico and the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz, descend on Plaza Garibaldi for an open-air party with fantastic tribute concerts.

This Fiesta is celebrated all over North and South America and in Spain but to experience it in Mexico City is an event like no other. An experience not to be missed!

Need to know

Fiesta De Santa Cecilia is a 1-day event with more than 500 musicians who come together to sing a dedicated birthday song to St. Cecilia, called 'Las Mañanitas'. 

Did you know?

Santa Cecilia was named the patron saint of musicians by Pope Gregory XIII.

We would like to thank community member El Cielo Mexican for their fantastic image of the Fiesta De Santa Cecilia.

You can see more of their Instagram account here.

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