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Constance Festival Culinaire

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What is the Festival Constance Festival Culinaire

The Constance Festival Culinaire is the food festival in Mauritius you don’t want to miss out on. During this glorious week of gastronomy, Michelin starred Chefs and Constance Hotels and Resorts Chefs will create culinary masterpieces and finally compete for the prestigious winning title. 

Need to know

Expect to see a number of special events hosted throughout the week including cooking classes and demonstrations along with some mouthwatering food and wine tastings.

Did you know?

The national dish of Mauritius is  called ‘dohll puri’.  Locals and travellers alike go crazy for this yellow split-pea pancake which is griddled on a tawa and filled with Mauritius’ famous rougaille, a spicy sauce of sweet tomatoes, thyme, garlic and ginger and cari gros pois (bean curry). Delicious! 

For more information, including any COVID-19 related updates and safety measures, visit the event's website in the left-hand sidebar.

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