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Fat Bear Week

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What is Fat Bear Week?

Fat Bear Week is an annual celebration of survival and success.

Some of the world's largest brown bears live at Brooks River in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Brown bears get fat to survive the winter and this quirky event is an annual tournament celebrating their preparation for the upcoming winter hibernation. 

This event is accessible to all as it's virtual. You will be able to obtain a deeper understanding of Katmai's unique environment as well as the lives and histories of specific bears throughout the course of this special week.

Your online vote counts to decide who is the fattest of the fat!

Need to know 

To vote you will need to go to the website on this page and select your bear of choice by clicking or tapping on the photos of the bear. It will be outlined in blue, then you will be prompted to enter your email. You should then be able to see the total votes for each bear.

Did you know?

When bears hibernate they do not eat or drink which means they can lose one-third of their body weight. In order to survive the winter months it's vitally important they accumulate enough fat reserves before entering the den. 

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04 October 2024


Start Date:
04 October,2024
End Date:
10 October,2024
North America
United States

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