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Mewar Holika Dahan Ceremony

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What is the Mewar Holika Dahan Ceremony?

On the eve of Holi, a bonfire is lit to mark the occasion and ward off evil spirits in a ritual called Holika Dahan.  For an unforgettable regal experience, join the Mewar royal family's Holika Dahan celebration which takes place on the grounds of City Palace.  You can witness the lighting of a traditional sacred fire where an effigy of the fraudulent Holika (demoness) is burnt, while locals perform 'Gair', a folk dance, around it.

Need to know

Look out for the magnificent royal procession which starts from Shambhu Niwas Palace and ventures to the royal residence of Manek Chowk. It is a dazzling rally with elephants, camels, horses, music from the royal band and ending with a spectacular fireworks display.

Did you know?

It is believed that Holika was created to ward off all fears. She was a symbol of power, wealth and prosperity and could bestow those to her worshippers.

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We wish to thank GoWhereWhen community member Yorkatronic for this amazing shot of Holika Dahan. 

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