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Dublin Pride March and Parade

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What is the Dublin Pride March and Parade?

Despite the fact that the Dublin Pride March and Parade take place at the same time, eventually merging into one another, they each have their own important purpose. 

The Dublin Pride March is at its heart a protest, but it is also a warm display of solidarity.

The first Dublin Pride Parade took place in 1983, and has since grown to become one of the most popular and loved events within Dublin and it continues to spread it's powerful message of inclusivity and diversity.

Dublin Pride is both Protest and Celebration! Everyone is welcome so bring your own banners and make as much noise as you like (so long as it's done respectfully!)

Need to know

You can join the march as an individual or with your friends or family. There is no need to register. it is a free event open to everyone who supports the ideals of Pride.

Did you know?

The Pride Parade is a huge fundraising event that raises much needed funds for many LGBTQ+ community organizations.

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