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Chinese New Year Celebrations - Indonesia

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What are the Chinese New Year celebrations in Indonesia?

The Chinese New Year celebrations in Indonesia, known as Imlek, is a national holiday to honor and respect the country's millions of Chinese Indonesians. It is a season of gift-giving and sharing meals, especially with family.  Ancestors are also remembered and shown respect as the family members light up incense and bow in front of the offering table. 

Need to know

Visitors can immerse themselves in the celebrations and enjoy the festivities, especially in Chinatown in Glodok, West Jakarta.  Red and gold lanterns, as well as other adornments, fill the streets and indoor establishments.  Traditional lion and dragon dances, or the barongsai and liong are also performed. 

Did you know?

People often wear new clothes on the new year day and usually they wear red for good luck.

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