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About Us

Our Aim?

Our aim is to show our users just how many amazing events happen every year around the world and inspire you to visit them in order to make your travel experiences more eventful and memorable than ever.


After about the tenth time of arriving somewhere on vacation and being told 'if you had been here last week we had our big carnival' or 'If you were here for one more night you could have seen X in concert'

And the countless business trips where I missed the big game in town the previous night; we wondered why there wasn’t a site that listed all the best cultural, sports and music tours events in one place.

Surely that existed right?

Apparently not! So my wife and I had that chat over a drink that most of us have had at some stage wondering how hard it would be to turn an idea into reality.

Fast forward to three years later, after learning a million things we never knew we wanted to know, and GoWhereWhen.com was ready to launch……. just before Covid impacted all our lives in ways we never imagined.

The events are starting up again now, travel is starting again now and it has never been more important that our next vacation is the best ever.

GoWhereWhen.com shows you exactly how to do that.


We are now a relatively small team spread across four continents, but our mission remains the same, to show our community the best events to visit in the world, and when they happen.


The Show Me page shows you how to use the website if you know either, or all of: what you want to see or where you want go to or when you want to travel.

The Inspire Me page is perfect if you want ideas and inspiration for your next trip.

The Make Me Famous page is where we are happy to feature your reviews or images of when you visited any of the events on GoWhereWhen.com

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Let us keep you up to date with amazing events.